1st Dec 2018, 2:32 PM in Chapter 1: The Tunnels
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Author Notes:

NuclearLoop 1st Dec 2018, 2:32 PM
Hey sorry for never updating this comic!! I actually genuinely miss working on it...but as I mentioned previously it's more of my leisure project where I just update when I have time.

Work and life n all that, thanks for stickin around though!!


Haegan2005 1st Dec 2018, 8:34 PM
It is a good story. I just wish you had more time to spend on it.
lilacbombs 2nd Dec 2018, 7:47 PM
This is awesome! Even if it's just in your spare time, I hope you're proud of this comic. I love the coloring and the character designs and the world building!! You're very talented, keep up the good work!
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